Apache Lucene 8.10.0 (Apache)

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A free, open source, high-performance and fully-featured text search engine library written solely in Java and which can be used in cross-platform applications

What's new in Apache Lucene 8.10.0:

New features: Multi-valued fields are now supported in numeric range facet counting Added new analyzer for Telugu

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Apache Lucene is a highly versatile, powerful and very efficient text-based search engine library, developed to be use on all operating systems and platforms that come with built-in support for the Java runtime.

Embed text search features within Java apps

Moreover, Apache Lucene can effortlessly be embedded within any Java-based application you’re working on, in order to provide it with full text search capabilities.

What is more, the Apache Lucene software solution can also be used within cross-platform applications that need to use some or all of its long list of features.

Capable of processing vast amounts of information in very little time

Apache Lucene is capable to process over 150 GB of information per hour using modern hardware and, at the same time keep the RAM requirements to a low value.

Additionally, the incremental indexing is as fast as batch indexing and the index size is approximately 20 to 30 % the size of the text indexed.

Quickly displayed and easily customizable search results

Thanks to Apache Lucene's ranked searching system, the best results are displayed first but can also be sorted by any field. This way, you can make sure that your apps will be able to deliver the best and fastest search results, ordered according to the user's needs.

In addition, Apache Lucene provides numerous query types such as wildcard queries, phrase queries, range queries, proximity queries and more.

Search within multiple index databases

What is more, with the help of  Apache Lucene, you can perform multiple-index searches and display merged results. Apache Lucene also allows simultaneous searching and update, and offers it flexible highlighting, faceting, result grouping and joins.

Furthermore, Lucene offers you easy and rapid access to a wide array of ranking models for sorting the search results, such as the Okapi BM25 and Vector Space models.

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