CodePiece 2.1.15 (Freeware)

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Upload code pieces to your GitHub account and automatically post a link on Twitter with the help of this simple OS X application

What's new in CodePiece 2.1.15:

Fix a problem that failed to parse tweets contain backspace characters. Changes the shortcut for clearing description from `⌥⇧⌘T` to `⌥⇧⌘D`.

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CodePiece is a communication tool that establishes a connection between GitHub and Twitter and is aimed at code developers. The app takes advantage of the GitHub Gists function while helping you to share the code piece with your Twitter followers.

Streamlined and easy to setup code sharing solution

To start using the CodePiece application, you must navigate to the app’s Preferences window and authorize the tool to control both your GitHub and Twitter accounts.

For your convenience, if you have a Twitter account set up in the System Preferences, CodePiece prompts you for access to the credentials, so you won’t have to go through the authorization process via the web browser.

Note that in the CodePiece main window you can easily see the currently connected GitHub and Twitter accounts, and even choose to visualize your account's home wall in a web browser.

Upload Gists to your GitHub account and post the links on Twitter

Within the CodePiece main window, you can easily input the piece of code you want to upload to your Gists collection and select the programming language you have been using.

CodePiece provides support for popular choices, such as Swift, C, C++, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Objective-C, and so on.

At the same time, CodePiece also requires the tweet content and the hashtags you want to use for the current entry.

CodePiece will post the message on Twitter, together with the Gists URL, and a screenshot of the code. Note that you can leave out the piece of code and use CodePiece only for tweets.

Share pieces of code with others in no time

CodePiece is designed to make the code sharing procedure as straightforward as possible: you can upload the code to GitHub and post the link to the Gist on Twitter at the same time.

As a result, you don’t have to go back and forth in your web browser, use more than one application for the task, or manually insert URLs or hashtags into your Twitter messages.

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