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CorelCAD 2021.2.1.3515 (Demo)

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2D and 3D CAD utility with native DWG support that provides you with every tool you need for precise drafting and design tasks on a Mac

What's new in CorelCAD 2021:

New features: Associative Patterns | Apply associativity in the Pattern command to duplicate objects and patterns along a path in the same perspective to quickly create larger, more complex graphics.

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As a streamlined CAD design solution, CorelCAD will allow you to open, work with and save DWG files in for easy collaboration with users of other CAD solutions.

Additionally, CorelCAD makes it possible to get a boost in your productivity from the start, with the help of its highly customizable design tools and large set of industry-standard features.

Also, because CorelCAD has been built from the ground up as a Windows and OS X cross-platform solution, it will work as fast as possible on your platform of choice.

As an added advantage, CorelCAD also packs state-of-the-art features like VoiceNotes, designed to help you effortlessly embed various instructions and notes within your design with a click of a button.

More importantly, CorelCAD allows you to work with cutting-edge modelling tools and makes it possible to automate various stages of design in order to boost your productivity even more.

System requirements

64-bit processor

Limitations in the unregistered version

30-day trial Printing and saving are disabled in the trial version.

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