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DiskCatalogMaker 8.4.0 (Trial)

3 months ago 14

A simple, clean and practical disc management utility especially made to help you catalog your entire disc collection with just a few clicks of a mouse button

If you work with numerous CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs or you just want to catalog your music, video or image collection from an internal or remote disk, then DiskCatalogMaker is the right application for you.

Easy-to-use and handy disk management tool

DiskCatalogMaker is a straightforward macOS application capable to quickly and easily catalog CDs, DVDs, hard disks and folders.

From DiskCatalogMaker’s main window you can quickly and easily batch scan multiple discs, hard disks or folders and preview your catalog.

What is more, DiskCatalogMaker can be configured to automatically add burning discs by Roxio Toast Titanium to your catalog and generate thumbnails for your multimedia files. You can even take advantage of the Quick Look feature and preview your files without opening them.

Intuitive toolbar

The top toolbar helps you Scan a single disc or Batch Scan multiple hard disks, folders and discs. You also have the option to rescan a disc, print your catalog or export it to a PDF file.

Thanks to the Info window you can view the disc name and kind, size, path, label, creation and modification dates as well as any existing comments.

Built-in Find tools and search form

To quickly find a certain disc, file or folder, you can use the Search form located in the top right corner. All results are automatically displayed in a new window from where you can browse the results list.

The Find tool, on the other hand, offers you the option to narrow down your search results and find items based on their name, size, kind, creation and modification date, file type, creation and even comment.

Sorting options

All your cataloged discs, hard disks and network drives can be viewed and sorted according to their name, size, kind, modification date and comments.

You can also go through folders, browse content and use the Inspector panel to view more information about the selected file.

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