Download DiskInternals Linux Reader

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Download DiskInternals Linux Reader 4 - Software support and level access to Linux from under Windows Explorer standard

DiskInternals Linux Reader:

As you know that modern Linux will allow you to access the NTFS partition of Windows without problems, however, you can get back to Linux from under Windows by the program of the Tuesday. With DiskIternals Linux Reader, you'll have access to Linux from under Windows Explorer standard, of course this is a huge plus point.


DiskInternals Linux Reader

The program comes with GUI (user interface graphics) very similar to Windows Explorer. Therefore, the user can browse the Linux partitions of them from a familiar interface, helping them to easily find the files that interest them. When launching the program, users can see all the disks and partitions on the system, regardless of whether they were created in Windows or Linux.

This tool has been packed with the ability to preview a Hex can access by a click to simple the partition purpose. It can also be used to launch the properties window of the selected item.

In general, DiskIternals Linux Reader is a program easy to use, flexible to access the Linux partitions in Windows. It allows the user to extract the files from this partition to write content for them and create image of any partition on the system.

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