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Download Gravit Designer 3.5.68

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Download Gravit Designer 3 - A powerful program that allows you to create everything from your logo, badge, image, drawing to illustration professional

Gravit Designer:

Gravit Designer is a powerful program that allows you to create everything from your logo, badge, image, drawing to illustrations more professional with this software based on the Electron. When it comes to the graphics editor and vector the designs such as CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator is the standard, sophisticated and resource-intensive most. The functions of them very impressive, but not everyone need the app seriously so to work with graphics, most will prefer something simple and this development appears here.

Gravit Designer provides many design tools, and CAD tools, and is full of elements required in an application this form, as user interface multiple tabs, support for handling multiple layers, photo, design features, smart screens, performing image shape vector, many logo maker tool, the system text handy, the many effects impressive image.


Gravit Designer - image design, logo

The program offers you an exciting combination of tools based on design and as CAD visualization. It has everything that users may need in everyday life, from the user interface multiple tabs, support for multiple layers, all kinds of solutions smart screen, tool for creating vector illustrations and logos, text tools, useful, etc. plus you get a huge collection of photo effects. Among the remarkable tool: Pen, Knife, Slice, Lasso, Bezigon, graphs, Freehand and MagicHand, and this is only some of them. Create something from rectangle, polygon and ellipse becomes a simple task, now everyone can do it, even when there isn't any any experience with similar tools.

After quick install and launch the app first, you will be on the start screen, through which you can easily launch his projects. You can select the physical size of his projects, optimize them for specific devices, and create cover blogs, websites, cover for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitch. Interface design is worthy to be praised, because it has a layout function and it manages to integrate almost all the tools, everything is very compact and easy to understand, happy eyes and soul, exuding out, look at the screenshot, see for yourself.

Gravit Designer also allows you to export your projects to PDF, PNG, JPEG and SVG and can also help you print them by any means. The program actually has its own position, and to comply with them in a sustainable manner when it comes to logo design and illustration, it is not inferior to the giants in the field!

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