Download Hasleo Disk Clone 2.4

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Download Hasleo Disk Clone 2 - The free Windows copy software and all in one can help you move Windows to another one.

Hasleo Disk Clone:


Hasleo Disk Clone is a free Windows copy software and all of one can help you move Windows to another disk, copy one disk to another or copy a partition to another.

The benefits of Hasleo Disk Clone:

1. Move Windows to SSD or HDD (smaller or larger) without reinstalling Windows and applications.

2. Copy one disc to another (smaller or larger) disk as backup.

3. Copy a partition to another location without losing any data.

Features of Hasleo Disk Clone

System, Disk and Partitioning Tool Easy Windows migration Hasleo Disk Clone starts cloning the system and as you can imagine, it's a pretty long process, so you can configure it to shut down your PC once it's done. Back up your system and migrate Windows Hasleo Disk Clone makes it possible to migrate Windows and make a secure backup of your disks and partitions.

System requirements:

The operating system was supported: Windows 7/8/10 Empty disk volume: 100 MB or more.
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