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Download iliumsoft eWallet 8 - Digital wallet in which you can store bank card details in a secure way, don't worry about forgetting the password

iliumsoft eWallet:

iliumsoft eWallet is a digital wallet in which you can store bank card details in a secure way, you only need to record the password from the account and website, then access them from anywhere in the world by personal computer or mobile phone, since developer interested in this If you read the official website, as the authors assure us, your information will be protected as much as possible, if anyone knows, then AES 256-bit will be used for this, you think it is safe? I don't judge, but the author writes that this bundle allows you to perform any operation using the Internet connection and not worry about viruses, block data, etc.


iliumsoft eWallet - Management, electronic Purse

The features of iliumsoft eWallet

Storage of your information in a secure way

using AES 256-bit encryption at the government level, eWallet protects your personal information, you from falling into the wrong hands.

Never forget another password

eWallet remembers your passwords so you don't have to. Create strong passwords for online banking and more - stop choosing weak password so you don't forget.

Use your data everywhere

With technology SyncPro® comes of we, you can sync wallets between eWallet on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device (separate purchase) and your Windows PC via Wi-Fi network locally or the cloud.

Protect your information

Protect yourself, your Money and your info: weak password and data are not protected that you stolen and identity fraud. You can't be too careful - use the password integration of eWallet to create a strong password.

Personalize your Wallet

Create the look you want with custom icons, card backgrounds, and over 30 sample card builtin. Or save your own templates to get the design you need. Store your cards in categories and make shortcuts to find your information quickly
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