Download OpalCalc 1.94

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Download OpalCalc - A completely new type of calculator for PC, offering full functions like billion to percentage, currency conversion



OpalCalc is a brand new type of calculator for PC, providing full functions like ratio to percent, currency conversion, basic arithmetic operations. , complex,... with the ability to be close to a spreadsheet with compact dimensions, and fast and accurate processing configuration. OpalCalc is as easy to use as Notepad or a word processor, OpalCalc lets you insert natural language as part of a sum, along with multi-line support so you can go back and adjust calculations my previous.

Features of OpalCalc:

Multiline support (notepad style) Configurable GUI with palettes Full color coding Many built-in variables and functions Percentage of support. Hundreds of measures, like kilograms and feet. Extensive date and time support Support for currency conversion Programmer syntax and functions Custom radix support Advanced notation support Decimal point support for Europe, Russia and South America, etc.
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