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Download S.O.S Security Suite

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Download S.O.S Security Suite - A free, user-friendly app, which helps you remove malware, ad software, and malware.

S.O.S Security Suite:


S.O.S Security Suite is a free, user-friendly app that helps you remove malware, ad software, and spy software, and also prevent infection. There is also a hardware error detection and security error detection and system optimization module. All these features combine to bring you what stands for the application: A more secure and optimal system.

S.O.S Security Suite is a successor to UVK and is designed to help you remove malware, ad software, and spy software, and help you not get infected. The SOS Security Suite should be used with the full anti-virus application of your service as Malwarebytes and should be considered a different layer of protection for your machine.

Features of S.O.S Security Suite

Includes a system error detection module that will inform you of any problems related to software or hardware and then help to fix them. Optimizing the accompanying system will help you safely by ensuring that you have the best permissions, performance and reliability for your system. SOS Security Suite can be installed as a mobile tool or an installer; the option is given during installation. Provide you the ability to scan the threats SOS interface is very easy to navigate but is packed with useful features and includes a link to the online help section. Linear if you have difficulty.

System requirements:

The operating system was supported: Windows 7/8/10 Empty disk volume: 100 MB or more.
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