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Download Samsung SSD Magician Tool

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Download Samsung SSD Magician Tool 7 - Software support you easy maintenance and use of the product Samsung SSD is connected to desktop

Samsung SSD Magician Tool:

Samsung SSD Magician Tool is a software aid you with easy maintenance and use of the product Samsung SSD is connected to desktop or laptop. In addition to providing information about system and SSD product of users, Samsung SSD Magician also supports advanced features, such as management performance SSD, benchmarking for optimum performance, update new firmware, etc. Samsung SSD Magician Tool is a set of tools to be considered carefully, which helps users further improve performance of the SSD. Important highlights of it include benchmarking, optimization, drive, external threaded, as well as program updates base and wipe data securely.


Samsung SSD Magician Tool - test and evaluate equipment Samsung

The features of the Samsung SSD Magician Tool

Check out speed read / write random and constant of SSD of you, so you can always keep your system in the fastest speed. Get diagnosed immediately about your drive, including the Total number of bytes recorded to evaluate the overall health and longevity remaining estimate of your SSD. Achieve faster performance, 2 times through the memory data buffer DRAM smart, to accelerate read and optimized recording. Find out what SSD's do you have any conflict with your system resources you do not and see a summary of the system components and specifications of the drive. Ensure the data is likely sensitive be removed properly and fully, without damaging your drive. Confirm buy SSD of you is authentic, with performance and reliability superior only to from Samsung SSD genuine. Check out of your SSD, and access important data to detect disk errors may occur before it happens.
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