Download WildGem 1.50

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Download WildGem - A small application to help you to find and replace text with the syntax of its powerful combination most flexibility


WildGem is a small application to help you to find and replace text. The syntax of strong it combines most of the flexibility of Regex, but with the simplicity of the features, find / replace, typical to be found in the text editor or the handle of your writing.


WildGem - Find and replace text

Program WildGem allows you to perform search operations and replace the complex with the help of the command, a click can help you create the Regex string that does not need to know anything about regular Expressions. Think of it as a WYSIWYG editor for the Regex search.

Screen parallel text allows you to preview the results of the joint text and the result replaced in real-time, easy-to-adjust and adjust the parameters of your search until you get it right.

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