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Download x264 Video Codec - The command line application you access to different video technical details and allows you to change the video configuration.

x264 Video Codec:


x264 Video Codec is a command line application that comes with previous settings and you can choose between different configurations, such as base lines, high, main and open. The main features that make x264 Video Codec a good choice for your computer are the ability to encrypt 4 1080p streams at the same time, provide enhanced psychological optimization, support for various applications (TV broadcasting, low latency video apps and web videos), provide support for web video services such as Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube, etc.

x264 Video Codec will surprise you with its advanced coding features: the adaptive B position position, the CAVLC-CAVAC entropy encryption, the custom quantum matrix, the optional B frame, the 8x8 and 4x4 adaptive space conversion, the detection of the scene, parallel to multiple CPUs and many other CPUs.

x264 Video Codec allows you to access different video technical details and allow you to change your input and output (frame rate, frame rate, maximum frame number to code e, first frame to code, etc.).

Features of x264 Video Codec

Provide performance, compression and best in the segment. Achist an impressive performance, encrypt 4 1080p streams back in real time on a consumer-level computer. Bring the best quality of visual psychology. Support the features needed for various applications, such as television broadcasting, Blu-ray low-latency app and web video. x264 is the core of many web video services, such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and Hulu. It is widely used by television stations and ISPs.

System requirements:

The operating system was supported: Windows 7/8/10 Empty disk volume: 100 MB or more.
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