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EaseUS Win11Builder v1.5

1 month ago 12

There are various ways to try out Windows 11 ahead of its release, including signing up to take part in the Windows Insider program, and manually downloading an ISO image of the operating system which you then use to install the latest version of Windows.

Both of these methods have their down sides, and neither are particularly suitable for people who are not overly confident with software.

But EaseUS Win11Builder is different. It is a highly accessible tool that make it incredibly easy to create a Windows 11 installation USB drive in a matter of moments. There is no need to sign up to be a Windows Insider, and there is no complex messaging around with complicated file type.

Pretty much the entire guided is automated so there is no chance of getting anything wrong. All you need is a USB drive and an internet connection. To get started, fire up EaseUS Win11Builder, insert a suitable USB drive of a high enough capacity.

If you are running an older computer that does not technically support Windows 11 due to a lack of TPM 2.0 (a security feature of more modern machines), it is still possible to create functioning installation media by checking the "Bypass TPM 2.0 (What is TPM?) requirement in Windows 1 installation" option.

Click the Create button and, after you have confirmed that you're happy for the USB drive to be wiped, the tool will start the process of download the Windows 11 image. Once this is complete, you can simply start up a computer with this drive inserted into a USB port, and the Windows 11 installation will start automatically.


Much like Microsoft's own media creation tool, EaseUS Win11Builder makes light work of creating installation media for Windows. The real benefit of this particular tool in the run-up to the official launch of Windows 11 is that it even works with the unreleased edition of Windows. For anyone eager to get started in Windows 11 without having to jump through all of the hoops Microsoft has held up, it's a great option.

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