Recovery Direct hosts a free online course to help across a number of mental health and wellbeing life areas. Join in on our free live stream Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays over on our Facebook page here or see past live stream videos here.

While Recovery Direct is rated one of South Africa’s top drug and alcohol rehab centres, what very few people know is how intrinsically linked substance use issues are to other mental health and wellness issues such as depression, anxiety where the substance is used simply as a means to regulate emotional states usually underpinned by past trauma.

COVID-19 seems to have re-triggered many of these conditions and created a new point of departure for people to have a seemingly legitimate societal reason to revert to coping based behaviours.

From many perspectives, the pandemic has created a global awareness of anxiety through the first-hand experience. Yet for those people that ordinarily struggle with anxiety, the condition is going to feel that much more compounded.

We understand this might be a difficult time for so many people (including ourselves), which is why we introduced the free live stream support via our Facebook page which we would encourage you join 3 times a week as opposed to reverting back to any destructive coping mechanisms.