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FET 6.1.7 (GPL)

1 month ago 13

A free and simple application that is designed to efficiently manage and schedule your school, high-school, or university timetables

What's new in FET 6.1.7:

Added a new type of constraint in the Mornings-Afternoons mode: teacher(s) max three consecutive days (suggested by Benahmed Abdelkrim, Hiba Hadi, and other users). Added a new example file from Algeria, by Benahmed Abdelkrim.

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FET is a free and open source timetabling app for schools, high-schools and some universities.

Also, FET uses a fast and highly efficient timetabling algorithm and it is licensed under the GNU/GPL.

Limits for the algorithm (all these limits can be increased on demand, as a custom version, because this would require a bit more memory): · Maximum total number of hours (periods) per day: 60 · Maximum number of working days per week: 35 · Maximum total number of teachers: 6000 · Maximum total number of sets of students: 30000 · Maximum total number of subjects: 6000 · Virtually unlimited number of activity tags · Maximum number of activities: 30000 · Maximum number of rooms: 6000 · Maximum number of buildings: 6000

FET is a cros-platform utility which can run on any platform that comes with support for the Qt framework (e.g. macOS, GNU/Linux, andWindows).

NOTE: The macOS (Intel) FET binary is contributed by Darren McDonald. All problems regarding it should be reported on the dedicated FET forum thread.

System requirements

64-bit processor

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