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Google Web Designer (Freeware)

3 months ago 17

Enables you to create animated web designs that will help you give an interactive effect to your projects, while making sure they can be viewed on any device

What's new in Google Web Designer

Fixes & improvements: Exported variants now preserve styles in HTML content. Fixed issue where selecting a different variant added a keyframe.

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Google Web Designer provides the tools to create amazing HTML, CSS, JavaScript or XML projects that can run on virtually any device without any compatibility issues. The app also provides specific support for making Google ads.

Streamlined web design utility that makes it possible to work with the latest web technologies

Google Web Designer allows you to focus on design without worrying about writing the HTML5 or CSS3 code: you will be able to edit your projects through a stylish, modern and organized interface.

Google Web Designer does not require you to work with code, but you can easily do so, if you wish, via the CSS panel or in Code View mode.

Furthermore, you are able to preview the project’s final look in 3 different web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

Enables both beginner and advanced web designers to get the most work done in as little time as possible

Google Web Designer includes 2 animation modes: Quick and Advanced. The first one allows you to work on animations scene by scene, while in the second mode you get to deal with individual objects and layers. Note that Google Web Designer is offering support for both 2D and 3D projects.

Google Web Designer offers you the possibility to include image galleries in your projects, maps, tap areas, videos or YouTube links and much more.

Powerful web designer created to help you build websites using state-of-the-art tools

To help you publish your projects in the best shape possible, Google Web Designer allows you to export the results to zip archives, flatten the files, minify the source code or enable the Polite Loading function.

All in all, Google Web Designer is a great tool if you are looking for a straightforward solution to help you create web suitable projects without having to deal with writing code.

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