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How to win $5 (or more) from Cards Against Humanity on Black Friday - CNET

2 months ago 22

Cards Against Humanity, the adult party game, often stages Black Friday stunts. In 2016, the game company dug a giant hole to nowhere, then filled it in, and in 2019, it pitted its writers against a computer to see who could write funnier game cards. (Spoiler: The humans won.)

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This year, the company is tweeting out a series of challenges. If a participant succeeds the challenge, Cards Against Humanity will PayPal them $5 -- or, in some cases, more. You need to jump on the challenges quickly, though, as there are time and participant limits. There's a new challenge every 20 minutes.

One of the funnier challenges asked competitors to make 12 identical cookies (though the company said "biscuits," paying homage to The Great British Bake-Off) that look like actor Paul Giamatti. Turns out there are some very creative bakers out there. Five dollars is way too little for these gems.

Another challenge asked participants to order an all-sour-cream burrito from Chipotle and send in a photo after they've taken a bite. Bleah.

Cash-seeking participants could do a number of other tasks, including finish writing a song called "Everybody Loves Chowder,search for buried treasure, click an online button 1,000 times and give a hot dog to their mail carrier.

Most challenges pay $5 for those who complete the task. But some pay more. Those who get their first COVID-19 vaccine and submit a video with proof can earn $100.

And if anyone guesses the number of jellybeans CAH game organizers are thinking of, they can win big bucks. The instructions for that game say the person making the best guess gets $10,000, while 1,000 people who come close will win $5 each.

I hope writing this story doesn't disqualify me, because I'm going all in on the jellybean guess. After all, the game already tells me the answer is "not 12."

As of the time this article went live, Cards Against Humanity was still tweeting out challenges. Check out their Twitter feed or this website if you want to compete.

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