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Las Vegas Motorcycle Fatal Accidents

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On May 25, 2021, a motorcycle and truck collided on South Eastern Avenue in the early morning hours. The rider of the motorcycle, a 22- year-old man from Las Vegas, was critically injured and rushed to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. The 34-year-driver of the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck was uninjured.

Las Vegas police reported that the driver of the motorcycle was riding a Zero DSR motorcycle going south on South Eastern Avenue when the driver of the pickup made a U-turn from a northbound lane. The motorcycle collided with the right side of the pickup, and the biker was ejected.

The Risk of the Motorcyclist

Unfortunately, this is a typical scenario for collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles on Nevada roads. Motorcyclists are at far greater risk in an accident, with motorcycles offering little in the way of protection. In fact, depending on the year, motorcyclists are 27 to 30 times more likely to die in collisions than drivers of passenger vehicles. Motorcycles represent about one percent of vehicles on the road and yet nearly 15 percent of traffic fatalities in the nation.

The disadvantage of the motorcycle at impact is obvious. While a passenger vehicle’s driver is surrounded by a cage that has been developed over the years for safety, the motorcyclist has none of these safety features to rely on. Adding to that is the lightweight design of the motorcycle that relies on balance, traction, and momentum for maneuverability and propulsion. The implications at impact aren’t good.

Despite Safety Measures, Motorcycle Accidents Are Still on the Increase

Although Nevada motorcyclists are required to obtain Class M licenses and wear helmets, unlike some other states, this hasn’t curtailed the amount of accidents on our roads. We continue to see an exponential number of motorcycle accidents, causing catastrophic injuries and deaths.

Now that businesses are open back to pre-pandemic numbers and people are feeling the additional freedom to move about, we have seen a general uptick in traffic accidents.

According to the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety, 78 people died in 67 crashes in Nevada through the end of March 2021. According to Andrew Bennett, Public Information Officer at the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety,  “We’re currently up 75 percent with motorcycle fatalities (statewide). But the number that is giving us some pause is the fact we are up 121 percent here in Clark County with motorcycle fatalities.”

Bennett went on to say that in all crashes, speed, impairment, and the lack of seatbelt use were the three many factors in the majority of accidents he was seeing. He reported that law enforcement would be geared to these behaviors in the coming weeks.

Insurance Bias and Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, when motorcycle riders file for injury claims or when a family files a wrongful death action, insurance companies often push back with a bias against motorcyclists. This can present an uphill battle for the rider or family.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, have a skilled Las Vegas personal injury attorney in your corner to ensure you are treated fairly. Contact the motorcycle accident attorneys at LV Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation.

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