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MailButler 4428 (Demo)

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Companion application for the Apple Mail that enables you to schedule emails, to upload large attachments to the cloud, to convert emails into notes, and so on

MailButler integrates with your Apple Mail application in order to bring additional email customization and management options.

The MailButler extensions offer you the possibility to schedule emails, can display alerts if your attachments are missing, can convert emails into notes, and much more.

Email assistant that integrates seamlessly with your Apple Mail

Upon the first launch, MailButler installs all companion extensions into your Apple Mail, and you must restart the host app to activate them.

The next step is to login to your MailButler account: depending on your subscription plan, you get to setup multiple user accounts or email avatars.

Besides the buttons integrated within the Apple Mail interface, MailButler also features a status bar menu where you can see and open the latest emails received for each account, or quickly compose new ones.

Optimize the way in which Apple Mail handles your emails

MailButler incorporates functions designed to help you streamline your day to day emailing while preventing some common issues or mistakes.

The assistant enables you to write various emails at the same time and schedule their delivery for later, to bypass email server limitations by uploading large attachments to the cloud, or to personalize your signatures using photos, text, or various color palettes.

You can also choose to delay sending emails by default, which means that you have the chance to correct possible mistakes. MailButler can also scan you email message for particular terms and send reminder alerts if you failed to upload attachments.

Apple Mail companion application that can improve your productivity

Bottom line, MailButler builds on what Apple Mail has to offer while bringing many compelling features to the table. The email assistant packs both workflow and appearance customization options.

MailButler also brings a menulet app for accessing messages received lately or composing new emails without having to open the Apple Mail user interface.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONThe Essential and Professional editions are limited to 30 actions per month. After buying a Professional or Business subscription, you get access to these extra features: Productivity: Snooze, Scheduling Organization: Notes, Tasks, Public Notes & Tasks Tracking: Open Tracking, Link Tracking, Tracking Details Message Templates: Snippets, Message Templates, Shared Templates Email Signatures: Beautiful Signatures, Custom Signature Templates, Shared Signature Templates Contacts: BCC to CRM, Contact Details Team Features: Team Management, Mix & Match of Subscriptions, Team Statistics, Template Sharing

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