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Manager 21.9.34 (Freeware)

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Versatile accounting software solution that offers you the possibility to manage multiple businesses, to track all transactions, to generate reports, and so on

Manager is a macOS application that provides essential accounting tools for small businesses. Since the utility can work with multiple accounts, you can also use it if you provide financial advice to various companies.

The application comes with a desktop client, but also enables you to provide access to multiple users at the same time via the Cloud edition, which requires a monthly subscription.

Well-organized accounting solution that can work with multiple businesses

To start using the Manager application, you must begin by creating a new company. In each case, Manager will generate a summary panel where you can analyze your financial position and your financial performance for a particular period.

Manager can also keep track of all transactions, and allows you to quickly associate them with various accounts, while enabling you to insert personal notes.

The best part is that Manager automatically calculates your balance, and you can see the results in the Summary tab almost instantly.

Integrates elementary business management functions and is able to generate extensive reports

Within the Manager user interface you can input data about various aspects of each business: bank and cash accounts, expense claims, customers, sales, credit or delivery notes, invoices, employees, assets, billable time, and so on.

Once you add the respective category to the business’s panel finding your way around is quite intuitive. The best part is that all the inserted information is automatically processed by the app, and you can generate reports to analyze the state of each business.

Business management solution that can work in the cloud

Manager offers you the possibility to backup your database in a proprietary format which you can share with others, but also allows you to store the data in the cloud and allow multiple users to access the info at the same time.

Moreover, the both the business reports and the transactions journal can be easily exported to TSV files.

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