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MaxCommander 2.1 (Commercialware)

3 months ago 16

File management solution for macOS that offers you the possibility to navigate folders in a double panned interface that also integrates support for working with tabs

What's new in MaxCommander 2.1:

Support for creating ISO and XAR files An option for automatic overwrite older items during copy, move, unpack and pack operations

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MaxCommander is a double panned file manager that also provides support for working with tabs and offers you the possibility to navigate through multiple folders with ease. The app also makes transferring files and other procedures more straightforward.

Navigate your drive content and perform various maintenance tasks in a user-friendly environment

To help you find your way around faster, when you launch the app you will be greeted by the Keyboard Shortcuts panel that lists all the available hotkeys organized into three categories: basic, useful tips, or tabs control. Note that the panel can be called again anytime via the Help menu.

However, given its intuitive design, working with MaxCommander comes quite natural while the frequently used functions have buttons right in the main window.

In contrast with other double panned file managers, MaxCommander also brings to the table working with tabs and setting bookmarks: both tools can be used to eliminate repetitive actions.

Compare directories, browse or create archives, and take advantage of the built-in services

MaxCommander integrates most file management capabilities one would expect from such a utility on top of powerful search tools, the possibility to compare folders or the Bonjour browser.

Moreover, MaxCommander enables you to mount various services, or to make use of the native FTP client. The utility can also be used to both unpack or create archives, including the ones that are encrypted or password protected.

Double panned file management tool that can work with the Finder or other file viewing resources

MaxCommander provides an alternative solution for browsing your folders and performing file management tasks in a more organized manner while eliminating the need to navigate again and again to frequently used locations.

At the same time, MaxCommander can also reveal the files in the Finder, show them in the Terminal, use the QuickLook plug-in to help you preview their content, send the items to third-party apps installed on your computer, and so on.

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