Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer 1.21.2 (Freeware)

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Connect to your Azure Storage accounts by using your credentials or the SAS URI details to view and manage blobs, tables, and queues associated with your subscriptions

What's new in Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer 1.21.2:

This release hotfixes several issues with 1.21.0.

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Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer is a Microsoft vetted application that enables you to connect to multiple Azure Storage accounts and effortlessly visualize and manage the blobs, tables, and queues associated with your subscriptions.

Desktop client for accessing Azure Storage data via a well-organized interface

Right off the bat, Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer prompts you to configure your Azure Storage subscriptions either by connecting to your Storage Account or by providing details for custom endpoints or using SAS or SAS URI keys.

Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer is able to work with Microsoft, Org, or 2FA accounts, and provides support for both classic and ARM storage. Note that Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer allows you to specify which subscriptions you want visible via the Settings panel, so you get to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Within the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer main window, you get to see the list of available blobs, tables, and queues, together with their content. The app also provides support for creating new ones, and you get to control their Stored Access Policies.

Manage the content of your Storage Accounts and view extensive details about each element

The Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer capabilities are organized around the three types of data that can be accessed in its main window. When working with blobs, you get to view their structure and navigate, download, or upload content. In addition, you can also see the blob metadata information.

On the other hand, you get to visualize and query tables, manage entities, or analyze queues messages. Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer can also generate Shared Access Signatures (SAS) keys that can be distributed to others in order to grant them access to a particular container.

Cross platform standalone application for dealing with Azure Storage Accounts

Bottom line, the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer application is the officially available application for accessing and managing your Azure Storage Accounts.

The Azure Storage desktop client comes with a well-structured user interface and allows you to navigate the subscriptions content or run queries to be more time efficient.

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