Momentum for Chrome 2.4.12 (Demo)

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Google Chrome extension that displays beautiful images, weather details, your to do list, and motivational quotes each time you open a new tab

Momentum for Chrome is a beautiful Chrome extension designed to integrate a personal dashboard into your browser. You will see its interface each time you launch a new tab, but your routine should not be affected in any way.

Stay focused and get inspired each time you launch a new tab in Chrome

The Momentum for Chrome dashboard integrates multiple elements designed to help you work as you usually do, while also taking advantage of all the free space a new tab presents.

For your convenience, Momentum for Chrome comes with a search tool that allows you to perform Google searches, while also featuring a Links panel where you get to store favorite URLs.

At the same time, Momentum for Chrome displays the current weather condition for your location, allows you to set a daily goal and helps you create and manage a todo list. Moreover, in the bottom area of the window, you will be able to see inspirational quotes.

Customizable personal dashboard that integrates multiple widgets

Note that you can use the Momentum for Chrome extension without registering for an account, but if you want to be able to sync your configuration to all your devices and get access to all functions, you need to get one.

Keep in mind that some of the more advanced Momentum for Chrome functions require you to upgrade your subscription plan (initially you get to register free of charge).

Within the Momentum for Chrome configuration panel, you get to activate the sync function, change the interface theme and font, replace the background, or the quotes source. Moreover, you get to decide which widgets you want active: Focus, Quick Links, Todo, Weather, Quote, or Search.

As far as the to-do management goes, you can either handle the entries via the Momentum for Chrome widget, or integrate with third-party services such as Wunderlist, Todoist, Trello, or Google Tasks.

Google Chrome add-on that aims to keep you focused and inspired

To sum up, Momentum for Chrome brings a useful dashboard to your Chrome browser and offers you the possibility to customize both the displayed data and its appearance.

Momentum for Chrome comes with numerous widgets that can be used to manage your todo list and help you stay focused on your daily goal, and can also display inspirational quotes to keep you motivated.

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