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MyAddress 4.6.3 (Commercialware)

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View your current private and public IP addresses in your status bar, together with details about the CPU load, free memory, or disk usage

MyAddress is a minimalist macOS application designed to help you keep track of your system’s status via the menu bar. The app monitors your IP address, the CPU load, the free memory, the storage space status, and more.

Unobtrusive system monitoring solution that works in the status bar

Upon installation, MyAddress places a small icon in your status bar, and you must click on it whenever you want to see its panel. However, the app also integrates with your Notification Centre, and can also send alert messages via email.

For your convenience, MyAddress can also automatically run at login, but you do not have the option to activate its panel by using a hotkey or to hide the status bar icon.

Moreover, the icon cannot be customized in any way, and it does not display any useful information upfront.

Track IP address changes, the CPU load, or the free storage space

MyAddress can send alerts whenever either the public or private IP changes, can show the CPU load and the free memory expressed in percents and automatically generates a graph depicting the storage status.

If you are running MyAddress on a Macbook, MyAddress can also provide battery information. Moreover, if the iCloud Drive is active on your workstation, MyAddress can upload the IP address details to iCloud.

Keep an eye on your IP changes and other system details

To conclude, MyAddress proposes a straightforward and user-friendly solution for monitoring general system details. At the same time, it allows you to see both the internal and the public IP address right in your status bar.

The app can prove to be very useful if you are using a VPN service and you want to make sure your connection is active at all times: whenever the IP address changes, you receive visual alerts, and you can take the appropriate measures right away.

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