NordLayer 2.0.3 (Demo)

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Business-oriented edition of the NordVPN service, intended to provide companies with the means to secure employee access to work resources

The Coronavirus outbreak has lead to more people working from home than at any other time in history, and therefore the need for companies to provide remote access to their networks. A VPN restricts access to specific IPs and keeps the connection secure, but not all organizations have an in-house VPN or are willing to set one up.

NordLayer comes as a solution for businesses that don't want to bother with configuring and maintaining their own VPN servers. It provides access to the existing NordVPN infrastructure and is set up to be easily handled by a single administrator.

The macOS desktop app is intended to be used by employees, while the administrator can manage the company's account from a web console. Employees can be organized into multiple teams, and new members are invited via email. Gateways are also created here, to provide access to various resources.

Understandably, the macOS app offers somewhat limited configuration options, as it's only meant to be used to connect to an existing gateway. Nevertheless, you can still set up an auto-connect location, select the preferred VPN protocol, and enable two-factor authentication.

NordLayer comes with all the security features and privacy guarantees of the regular NordVPN service, but it's worth noting that it currently supports fewer locations, though that number is expected to rise in the future.

Limitations in the unregistered version

You can access the app's settings, but you cannot connect to the VPN without a subscription

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