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Notion 2.0.18 (Freemium)

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Team oriented working space that integrates with Slack and offers you the possibility to share task board, meeting notes, and any other data with your collaborators

Notion proposes a workspace where all team members can collaborate, share and edit documents, and stay on top of everything thanks to Slack integration. The utility offers you the tools to deal with documents, wikis, or task lists.

Sign up with your Google account and connect with other team members

Even though the Notion application works offline, you are required to sign up using your Google credentials for the synchronization function. The procedure is quite straightforward, and you get to revoke the access anytime you like via the Google account’s Settings.

To help you get started, Notion comes with a small tutorial that takes you through the essential functions. Both the Sidebar and the Toolbox panels (which hold most of the editing and page management tools) are hiding automatically, but you can choose to lock them in place.

Start creating documents, wikis or tasks lists and share them in no time

Notion comes with a collection of predefined pages that show you want you can do with the app, and enables you to rearrange everything with simple drag and drop actions. Naturally, you get to edit the page’s content and make use of the built-in toolbox to change its layout.

As a result, you can either create simple text documents, or add separate sections, various types of lists, media content, web bookmarks, code snippets, TeX equations, reading lists, guides, meeting notes, discussions, collaborator references, and much more.

Note that you can easily add new elements to a page without using the toolbox panel (the slash command will bring up a contextual menu).

The best part is that each of these pages can either be kept private, or shared with other team members in read-only or read and write mode. Notion also sports Slack integration capabilities so that you can stay up to date with all the developments.

Keep data related to your projects in a single place while staying connected to your team

Notion integrates project management capabilities and helps you keep track off all the documents, wikis, and task lists related to a particular subject. To help you focus while working, Notion can hide the Sidebar and Toolbox panels to avoid any distractions.

Moreover, since Notion offers you the possibility to rearrange everything with drag and drop actions, regardless of the content type, the editing time is considerably reduced.

All this is topped by the fact that Notion enables you to share everything with your team members, and integrates with Slack to keep you in the loop.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONPersonal: Unlimited pages & blocks Share with 5 guests Sync across devices Personal Pro: Everything in Personal, plus Unlimited file uploads Unlimited guests Version history Team: Everything in Pro, plus Unlimited team members Collaborative workspace Advanced permissions Admin tools Enterprise: Everything in Team, plus SAML SSO SCIM API Advanced security Dedicated manager Custom contract SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS64-bit processor

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