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Packer 1.7.7 (MPL)

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A lightweight and efficient CLI based application that allows you to quickly create identical machine images from a single source configuration

What's new in Packer 1.7.7:

IMPROVEMENTS: Improved support and user experience for HCP Packer registry - GH-11304 GH-11315 GH-11320 GH-11319

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Packer is a helpful tool that automates the process of creating identical machine images for multiple platforms using a single source configuration. It is available for all major platforms and is designed with speed and flexibility in mind. It comes with extensive documentation and is an open-source project.

Using pre-baked machine images has advantages in multiple use cases, but the process of creating and managing them is often too difficult for them to be worthwhile in development or production. Packer automates this process in order to reduce the time and effort required considerably.

This tool speeds up infrastructure deployment, as it allows users to deploy a configured machine in seconds, which helps with development as well. What's more, Packer creates identical images for all platforms, providing ultimate flexibility and portability.

All the software needed for a machine is installed is configured when the image is built. Any bugs can be found early, and the machine images can quickly be tested to make sure that everything is functional.

New users can get the hang of Packer relatively quickly, as it comes with detailed documentation and even tutorials that explain each step of the image creation and management process.

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