Reason 12.2.1 (Demo)

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Provides desktop access to a complete music making and recording studio that will help you express your creativity and produce high quality projects.

What's new in Reason 12.2.1:

Fixed a bug that could cause several VSTs to crash or not work as intended Various performance improvements and optimizations

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Reason is a powerful and comprehensive audio editing multi-platform application designed to closely simulate a real live studio rack, as well as all the standard instruments and tools needed during a music production workflow.

Comprehensive set of music production features and tools

Moreover, Reason includes everything you will find in any professional audio recording studio: sound effects and a collection of musical instruments, compressors, vocoders, reverb tools, synths, distortion units, parametric EQs and much more.

The Reason application enables you to either create or edit your own audio tracks: the instruments can be used to generate different sound effects and then you can simply rearrange the track in the Sequencer area. Each instrument and audio channel receives a track in order to reduce the clutter.

Perfectly organized and user-friendly audio processing interface

With the help of the Reason music production suite, you can add or delete certain portions, replace any audio content or tweak the final product by applying a wide array of audio effects. All this can be done via a neatly organized and highly intuitive user interface.

Support for audio instrument integration

As an added advantage, Reason allows you to integrate any of your instruments using its built-in MIDI out, audio quantize and audio slicing features.

While using Reason on your Mac, you can also turn your audio recordings into REX loops, if you really need to. This way, you will remain focused on the creative process, without worrying that you might not have access to a tool needed to perform a highly specialized audio processing task.

Powerful and full-featured audio production suite, easily extensible using audio extensions

In addition, you can extend Reason’s capabilities by adding some of the Propellerhead Rack Extensions or you can visit the Propellerhead Shop and try/buy extensions created by third party developers.

Reason is a complex and powerful application that features a plethora of efficient and high quality tools designed to bring the studio sound experience to your desktop. Thanks to its capabilities, you will be able to get started mixing and creating professional sounding tracks in no time and using only your personal computer.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONDoes not allow you to open song files or export them to audio. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS64-bit processor

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