SkyORB 2021.9.1 (Demo)

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A fun and easy-to-use 3D space simulator and star gazing app designed to help you virtually explore the solar system via user-friendly interface

What's new in SkyORB 2021.9.1:

Fixed links in account page. Improved time of light travel in space view.

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If your are interested in astronomy or you like star gazing, than SkyORB 2020 is the right application for your Mac.

It is a three-dimensional space simulator and start gazing utility specially designed to help you view and navigate through the solar system.

Simple to use star gazing app for the Mac

SkyORB Lite is available for free on the App Store, but there is also a full version that offers more views, the possibility to hide the user interface during star gazing, more information about different planets and moon phases, improved notifications, the ability to zoom up to 1 degree and more.

SkyORB features a well-designed interface form which you have quick and easy access to the entire universe. You can effortlessly search for planets, starts, natural satellites, asteroids and comets, and the data on asteroids and comets is constantly updated.

3D user interface designed to help you explore the sky easier

Thanks to its 3D interface, you will be able to smoothly navigate the solar system and show or hide orbits, starts and planets. Moreover, from the bottom left corner you will be able to view and read information about the selected planet, star, comet, satellite or asteroid.

In addition, SkyORB also enables you to choose your point of view and location on Earth or any other planet from your solar system. The Configuration page helps you set your location, adjust the resolution and chose which satellites and comets are displayed on the chart.

Planetarium OS X app with inbuilt time travel

Another worth mentioning feature offered by SkyORB is the possibility to precisely time travel anywhere between 3000 B.C. to 3000 A.D in order to view how the constellations were arranged in the sky at a moment in time of your choice.

On the whole, SkyORB is the ideal utility for Mac users fascinated by our solar system and star gazers that enjoy spending hours traveling through time and space.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONPremium features: More views unlocked, including ability to hide user interface in planetarium and local view modes Displays more information on moon phases, and more Allows zooming closer More complete search engine Improves notifications Other features

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