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Sonarr (GPL)

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Browser based solution for monitoring your favorite series for new episodes and automatically downloading the videos from torrents

Sonarr can keep track of upcoming episodes for all your favorite series and, with the proper configurations, can automatically download the videos from torrents using third party torrent handlers.

The drawback is that Sonarr does not act as a standalone app, so you need to go through a web browser of your choice. On the other hand, the configuration procedure for the download clients can be rather complicated for inexperienced users.

Monitor your favorite series and never miss a new episode

Once you launch the Sonarr application, you should be able to access its interface in any web browser by navigating to the http://localhost:8989/ address. Here you must start by adding your favorite series to the monitored list.

Sonarr will automatically mark upcoming episodes for all user added series in the Calendar view. To help you identify if an episode is solely missing or has not been aired yet and so on, Sonarr comes with a straightforward color code.

Use custom quality definitions and take advantage of the extensive media management capabilities

Sonarr makes you set up both the torrent indexers you want to use, and the torrent download clients you want to employ. At the same time, Sonarr packs episode renaming capabilities, can automatically generate the series folders, and provides support for managing permissions for importing or renaming episodes.

Worth mentioning is that Sonarr enables you to create custom profiles that can be used to filter the torrents by quality. Moreover, Sonarr also offers you the option to create custom quality definitions.

Comprehensive solution for tracking multiple series and quickly downloading new episodes

Sonarr can track numerous series and let you know whenever new episodes have been released, while also being able to handle the download process automatically.

Even though Sonarr is quite user-friendly once everything is in place, configuring the torrents download client might prove problematic for users that are not familiar with how Usenet or BitTorrent work.

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