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Submerge 3.7.6 (Demo)

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A practical and powerful application that enables you to quickly find, download, resynchronize and embed subtitles into your movies

Submerge is a handy and user-oriented macOS application that provides you with all the tools required to embed subtitles in your movies and TV Shows.

Effortlessly embed subtitles in your video content

From Submerge’s main window you can quickly and easily load your video file along with the subtitle file and preview the movie with the embedded subtitle before exporting it to a location of your choice.

Thanks to the Settings panel, you can load a subtitle file of your choice, change its encoding and font style, adjust its format and size along with the alignment, color and time offset. In other words, with the help of Submerge, you can resynchronize subtitles and make them match the video.

Search the web for missing subtitles and personalize their appearance

If you do not have a subtitle file for your movie or TV Show, you can always use the built-in Subtitle Search function and find the appropriate subtitle for your media. Once downloaded, you can make the desired changes and render the new media before converting it.

The great thing about Submerge, is that you can use it as a media player and enjoy your TV Show or film directly from within the application.

At the same time, you can take advantage of its conversion capabilities and use one of the provided encoding profiles to transcode the video into a file format supported by your mobile device.

Built-in video converter with encoding profiles for most popular devices

It is also worth mentioning that Submerge can use FFMPEG or QuickTime to render and convert your files. On top of that, the Submerge app offers predefined encoding profiles specially made for iOS device, Apple TV, smartphones, game console and other devices.

Submerge also helps you to force custom aspect ratios, to merge multiple files and view detailed information about the loaded media file. Moreover, you you will also be able to check the movie's format, files size, data rate, duration and video resolution via the Inspector window.

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