SuperTuxKart 1.3 (GPL)

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An entertaining and engaging 3D kart racing game that will test your driving skills as you try to get past by skilled racer and across the finish line

SuperTuxKart is a free and open source racing game that enables you to compete against your friends or AI racers for the first place.

Race your way to victory and prove your driving skills

SuperTuxKart takes you through the great lighthouse and tests your racing abilities as you drive through the sand and visit the pyramids. You also have to race underground and in space next to the falling stars.

As you try to overtake opponents, you also have to keep an eye on bananas, avoid collision with bowling balls, bubble gums, plungers and cake thrown by other racers.

SuperTuxKart enables you to engage in single races, compete in one or more Grand Prix or race against the clock in time trials on your own or fight with your friends for the first place in the battle mode.

Try different game modes and discover new racing tracks

SuperTuxKart comes with over 20 different tracks and battle arenas, intuitive game controls and enough game modes to keep your busy. As follows, you can try your luck in Grand Prix events, enjoy Single races, beat the clock in Time Trial, try to Follow-the-leader or survive in 3-Strikes Battles.

What is more, SuperTuxKart features a long list of funny characters, each with its on kart model and outfit. Based on your gaming skills you can select between the Novice, Intermediate, Expert and SuperTux difficulty level.

Play against skilled AI racers or battle your friends

In addition, SuperTuxKart allows you to set the desired number of AI players and select one of the available game modes. Moreover, SuperTuxKart enables you to play with your friends or co-workers during breaks via an active LAN connection.

By accessing the SuperTuxKart Addons menu, you can easily install new cards, tracks and arenas, which can bring even more fun and entertainment into the game.

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