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TrashMe 3.4 (Trial)

3 months ago 13

Uninstall applications and remove all related files that would otherwise have been left behind, with the help of this handy utility

What's new in TrashMe 3.4:

Duplicate files can be deleted all at once Selection of files to delete can be displayed in all sections Keyboard shortcut can be assigned to quickly open Smart Mode Keyboard shortcuts added for search and information functions

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When you remove an application from your Mac, you would expect it to also delete all the files it created during the installation process or while it was being used. Sadly, this is not the case, as temporary files, caches and settings are usually left behind.

TrashMe can help you get rid of these unwanted items, freeing up space on your hard drive and possibly even speeding up your machine. Additionally, it can scan for and delete junk files, as well as create a list of favorite apps that are protected against unintentional removal.

Easily uninstall applications, widgets, plugins and preference panes

When you want to remove an app from your Mac, you can just launch TrashMe and drop the application on the designated space in its main panel. The tool automatically searches for any files related to it and displays a list containing all of these items. You can then choose which of them should be deleted, to avoid removing important files by accident.

Additionally, TrashMe can scan your hard drive for applications that you had previously uninstalled, but had not been removed completely.

Scan for and delete unnecessary content from your storage devices

Many of the items stored on your Mac are junk files, occupying a lot of disk space without performing any useful function. Additionally, documents that have not been accessed for a very long time usually have no reason to be saved any longer.

TrashMe can help you with both of these issues, as it can search for content that is known to be of little or no use, as well as very large and old files that are taking up valuable space for no reason.

Protects vital applications from being deleted unintentionally

If you want to make sure important apps are not removed by accident, you can add them to a list of favorites. Additionally, TrashMe allows you to store usernames, license keys or passwords, as well as attach relevant documents.

All in all, TrashMe is a straightforward and useful macOS tool, designed to remove content that is not normally deleted when uninstalling applications. Moreover, TrashMe can be used to scan for and remove junk files, as well as prevent important apps from being removed accidentally.

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