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tvOS 15.1 Build 19J572 (Freeware)

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Operating system developed for the new Apple TV models that includes a built-in App Store and creates a more immersive experience for the user

tvOS is an operating system developed by Apple for the fourth-generation and later Apple TV models and it aims to provide innovative ways of experiencing TV, while Siri is incorporated to help you find new content to watch.

The future of Apple TV is represented by applications

Noteworthy is that tvOS comes with a built-in App Store: the user gets to install specialized apps designed to provide access to a wide array of content without any inconveniences.

As a result, you can browse the catalogs provided by apps such as Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes. Moreover, you have the option to subscribe to SHOWTIME or HBO without needing cable or satellite contracts.

For sports aficionados, the NBA.com League Pass and the MLB.TV Premium subscription enable you to either watch the games live or replay any match.

However, it does not stop here: tvOS can provide support for games, educational apps, and much more. The list of available entertainment apps will increase over time, as developers start working on new ways to take advantage of the platform.

Install tvOS Beta to your Apple TV

To be able to download the installer, you need an Apple ID that has Apple Developer Program membership.

The tvOS Beta version is intended for developers that aim to develop new apps for the operating system, and you can find detailed tvOS installation instructions on the Apple Developer website.

A fresh approach that enables you to experience TV in a whole new way

tvOS is a platform designed to bring together a large amount of entertainment content and allow you to enjoy it without thinking too much about the technical details.

Backed by technologically advanced Apple TV devices, tvOS can be used to find movies or TV shows that match your taste, to play games, to watch your favorite teams playing live, and much more.

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