Udemy – Electronics course for Arduino and pi Students (+Projects) 2021-2

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Udemy – Electronics course for Arduino and pi Students (+Projects) 2021-2

27 Sep at 11:45 pm

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Electronics course for Arduino and pi Students (+ Projects) is a training course for students of electronic engineering and those interested in the world of electronic circuit programming, published by Udemy Academy. This course focuses on Arduino and Raspberry Pi programming and requires almost no basic knowledge of electrical and electronics. In this training course, almost all the basics and principles of electronic engineering such as resistance, working with test fiber, soldering, etc. are covered and it can take you directly into the world of electronic engineering. The educational process of this course does not end with the basics and basic topics, and at the end of the course, you will get acquainted with other software related to the field of electronics, especially offline and online simulation software.

What you will learn in Electronics course for Arduino and pi Students (+Projects)

Basic concepts and elements in the basics of electronic engineering Voltage distribution network in the circuit and the use of various sensors next to it Different types of capacitors and their applications RC circuit Testing BJT transistors and detecting its bases Build a home automation and intelligence system based on the principles of information retrieval Build a water level and height detection system and automatic water pump controller How the relay works and how to use single and multi-channel relay modules Build a dedicated relay module Build a dedicated power supply with 5-volt and 12-volt outputs How to solder different elements on the board How to use jumper wire and test fiber Connect Arduino codes with proteus simulation software Familiarity with the concepts of voltage, current and resistance and the relationship between them Familiarity with resistance calculations Application and how to use transistors in electronic circuit Build a simple fire extinguishing system Working with voltage regulator Convert ac voltage to dc Application of different ICs 555ic, 4017, HT12D and HT12E

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: E’Lord Technology Teslim-Amin
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 167
Duration: 16 hours and 42 minutes

Course topics

Electronics course for Arduino and pi Students (+Projects) Content

Electronics course for Arduino and pi Students (+Projects) Prerequisites

No previous knowledge is needed.


Electronics course for Arduino and pi Students (+Projects)

Electronics course for Arduino and pi Students (+Projects) introduction video

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