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Visual Studio (Freeware)

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Comprehensive IDE that integrates everything you need for creating applications for Mac, iOS, or Android and allows you to test them in the Xamarin Cloud

What's new in Visual Studio

General: We fixed an issue where adding a subfolder to a project with Git might cause a crash.

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Visual Studio delivers a well-organized space where you can develop desktop and mobile applications. The environment integrates Xamarin tools and offers you the possibility to build and test your apps in the cloud.

Comprehensive IDE that can fully deploy on your Mac with minimal user interaction

To make things easier for the user, Visual Studio comes with an installer that allows you to select the components you want to install, offers you the possibility to configure the installation location, and then handles the download and deployment process on its own.

Worth mentioning is that, depending on your system, the installation procedure might take some time, and you should also make sure you have a considerable amount of space available.

Develop projects for mobile or desktop platforms and test them in the cloud

To help you get started, Visual Studio sports predefined templates for iOS, tvOS, Android, .NET Core, or Mac applications or tests. In addition, Visual Studio can also help you create multiplatform apps, such as Xamarin forms, iOS and Android utilities, or iOS and Mac games.

Within the Visual Studio environment, you get to work on the source code, debug the code, or integrate with a Git repository. The IDE enables you to take advantage of the IntelliSense suggestion system and comes packed with the MSBuild engine.

Note that all the projects can be tested in the Xamarin Test Cloud and that the IDE also provides support for Azure and .NET Core connectivity. Furthermore, you get to extend the Visual Studio capabilities by installing various plug-ins.

Increase your productivity while developing new mobile, desktop, or web apps

Visual Studio delivers a versatile work space where you can start developing code, build, and test apps for various platforms without having to rely on multiple tools.

The Visual Studio IDE can be used to work on projects for Mac, iOS, Android, and other wearables, or for apps running is the cloud. Given the Xamarin integration, you will be able to rely on the C# programming language in most cases.

At the same time, you get to extend the Visual Studio capabilities by installing plug-ins or create connections to other resources, such as Git or Subversion repositories.

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