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WebCatalog 37.2.1 (MPL)

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Access multiple web applications via the same standalone application in order to declutter your browser and optimize your workflow

Some web services come with desktop clients designed to help you access your account outside the browser, but the standalone app might not provide support for all the functions featured in the web version.

On the other hand, given the multitude of web solutions, keeping track of the ones that have a desktop client or require you to go through the browser can prove overwhelming.

Install and manage desktop clients for an extensive number of web services from the same interface

WebCatalog is a simple yet powerful utility that can help you deal with web apps in a streamlined manner: you get to install and open standalone apps for a plethora of web services with just a few clicks.

The app comes with an extensive catalog of supported web apps that you can easily navigate through its main window. You get to quickly review the ones that are already installed or use the simple search tool to jump to a particular entry.

Worth mentioning is that you can also create your own custom apps by providing the URL to a web app / website of your choice. As an added bonus, you can also pick the icon you want the new app to use from your Mac's hard drive.

Run web apps as standalone utilities and get control over the client’s behavior

The WebCatalog application creates a new folder in the user’s Applications directory where it will deploy all the web apps you choose to install via its main window. As a result, you can set any of them to open at login or opt to open them via Spotlight.

Since WebCatalog just allows you to access the web apps in a standalone utility, finding your way around is quite straightforward. The web app viewer comes with simple buttons that enable you to navigate to the homepage, go back and forth, or reload the page.

Furthermore, each client app comes with a Settings panel where you can opt to use swipe gestures to navigate the page, set the app to quit when the last window is closed, or make it remember your last page when you open the app.

WebCatalog offers you the possibility to deploy desktop clients for a vast number of web applications in no time. All you have to do is browse the built-in catalog to find the web app you want to use and press the install button.

Alternative solution for accessing web apps without relying on a full-featured browser

In contrast with desktop clients developed for these services, WebCatalog just delivers access to the web app without making you go through a browser, which means that the functionality will not be affected in any way.

However, it is important to mention that the WebCatalog application makes use of the web browsers installed on your Mac to help you run the apps it creates.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONBasic edition is limited to: 10 installed apps 2 workspaces Features available only in WebCatalog Plus: Ad Blocking Developer Tools App Lock

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